.mobi Showcase

First came the Personal Computer. Then came the Internet.

We have since evolved.

Welcome to the age of the Mobile Internet. Welcome...to the .mobi revolution.

Picture yourself paying your bills on the train on your way to work in the morning, transferring money to someone in Australia while waiting in line at the grocery store in New York, quickly checking the latest sports scores before a meeting, or even watching a live game while waiting for your next flight. This will all be possible sooner than you think thanks to the .mobi revolution.

The launch of the dotMobi domain extension, backed by leading mobile operators, network device manufacturers and Internet content providers including heavyweights Google, Microsoft, Vodafone and Nokia, has paved the way for a new age of mobile freedom. Productivity will no longer be tied to the desk. With 4 times as many mobile phones as PC's, the potential is unimaginable.

This revolution will not happen overnight. But it has begun. As a strong supporter of the mobile internet, I have invested in several .mobi domains that I believe will pave the way for a smarter, more mobile future.

I own one of the most valuable .mobi portfolios in the world. My portfolio of 250+ .mobi's includes 2 of the first 3 .mobi's registered in the first nanoseconds of the Landrush period that were already getting publicity before I became the first to register them. It also includes 13 domains listed in the Domain Name Journal edition following the .mobi Landrush (including 6 that made the elite Global Contenders Top 20 list). Considering that Flowers.mobi recently sold for $200,000 and Fun.mobi for $100,000 at a closed auction and SportsBook.mobi for $129,800 in a private sale, I believe my portfolio of domains alone to be worth several million dollars.

I'm interested in developing all my .mobi's and have created this site to showcase my domains so that I can connect and network with potential developers. I welcome parties interested in developing these .mobi domains with me to e-mail me at .

My name is Andres Kello and I'm part of the .mobi revolution.


Is .mobi taking off? Judge for yourself:

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My .mobi Portfolio

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Banking.mobi (showcased on dotMobi's site directory)
Mobility.mobi (showcased on dotMobi's site directory)
mTLD Premium Domains
Dating.mobi Horoscope.mobi Funny.mobi
Adult.mobi Musica.mobi ("Music") Astrology.mobi
Student.mobi Classifieds.mobi PhoneBook.mobi
Busca.mobi ("Search") FreeGames.mobi PhoneCards.mobi
Premium Domains
Call.mobi MyBank.mobi MyPayments.mobi
Banking.mobi FreeCalls.mobi MySites.mobi
Dubai.mobi LiveTV.mobi ScoresLive.mobi
Traveling.mobi TravelGuide.mobi TopScores.mobi
Messenger.mobi OrderOnline.mobi WatchNews.mobi
Purchase.mobi MeetPeople.mobi WatchPorn.mobi
Theatre.mobi ContactList.mobi WatchSex.mobi
Teenagers.mobi BookTickets.mobi WatchSports.mobi
Leisure.mobi InternetCasinos.mobi  
Diary.mobi PayMyBills.mobi
Fines.mobi TravelJournal.mobi
Brothels.mobi UserGuide.mobi
Mobility.mobi FreeRingtunes.mobi
Islam.mobi GPSTracking.mobi
Baccarat.mobi mGambling.mobi
Keno.mobi MyInbox.mobi
Premium Domains (Spanish)  
Apostar.mobi ("To bet")  
Apuesta.mobi ("Bet")  
Bares.mobi ("Bars")  
Buscador.mobi ("Search Engine")  
Calle.mobi ("Street")  
Vivo.mobi ("Alive")  
Vuelos.mobi ("Flights")
Ruleta.mobi ("Roulette")
Banking Calling Traveling
Banking.mobi Call.mobi Dubai.mobi
MyBank.mobi MyCalls.mobi Leisure.mobi
MyBanking.mobi FreeCalls.mobi Traveling.mobi
vBanking.mobi MakeACall.mobi Lowseason.mobi
VideoBanking.mobi TalkToMe.mobi TravelGuide.mobi
MyBranch.mobi Hablemos.mobi ("Let's talk") Vuelos.mobi ("Flights")
MiBanco.mobi ("My bank")
MeuBanco.mobi ("My bank")
BuyDrugs.mobi MyShoppingCart.mobi Loja.mobi ("Store")
CheckOut.mobi OrderOnline.mobi
MyPurchases.mobi Purchase.mobi
Mobile TV
DownloadVideos.mobi WatchNews.mobi Teve.mobi ("TV")
FreeTube.mobi WatchPorn.mobi  
LiveTV.mobi WatchSports.mobi  
MyChannels.mobi WatchSex.mobi  
OrderMovies.mobi WirelessTV.mobi  
WatchAMovie.mobi Televisor.mobi ("Television")  
E-Wallet.mobi lPay.mobi
MobileWallet.mobi kPay.mobi
MobiWallet.mobi rPay.mobi
Moneyclip.mobi jPay.mobi
MyPayments.mobi hPay.mobi
Paying Bills/Fines
Mobile Phones
BuyCredits.mobi PrepaidCredits.mobi
CallForwarding.mobi PrepaidPlans.mobi
MyCredits.mobi RechargeCard.mobi
PremiumSMS.mobi UserGuide.mobi
Booking Tickets
CoffeeBreak.mobi MeetingPlace.mobi Amizades.mobi ("Friendships")
ContactList.mobi MeetPeople.mobi Besame.mobi ("Kiss me")
D8ing.mobi Messenger.mobi Beijos.mobi ("Kisses")
GetInTouch.mobi Teenagers.mobi
Baccarat.mobi mGambling.mobi Ruleta.mobi ("Roulette")
eRoulette.mobi MobileRoulette.mobi Apostar.mobi ("To bet")
InternetCasinos.mobi PlaceABet.mobi Apuesta.mobi ("Bet")
Keno.mobi Pokies.mobi
mBets.mobi WinMoney.mobi
FreeMobiTones.mobi HotTones.mobi PremiumRingtones.mobi
FreeMobiTunes.mobi mRingTunes.mobi PremiumTones.mobi
FreeRingtune.mobi MyMobiTones.mobi PurchaseRingtones.mobi
FreeRingtunes.mobi MyMobiTunes.mobi TopTones.mobi
FreeRingtunez.mobi NewestRingtones.mobi
GreatTones.mobi NewTones.mobi
Sports Scores
LiveGoals.mobi OnlineScores.mobi
GamesLive.mobi UpdatedScores.mobi
TopScores.mobi StreamingScores.mobi
ScoresNow.mobi ScoresLive.mobi
MyFood.mobi MyThings.mobi MyBranch.mobi
MySites.mobi MyAgenda.mobi MyRestaurants.mobi
MyCredits.mobi MyForums.mobi MyAddressBook.mobi
MyButler.mobi MyBookmarks.mobi
MyFolder.mobi MyDownloads.mobi
Blogging Video Chatting Religion
Diary.mobi VideoTalk.mobi Islam.mobi
UrBlog.mobi VideoChats.mobi IglesiaCatolica.mobi
Attendant.mobi Mobility.mobi SurfTheNet.mobi
Brothels.mobi MPAA.mobi SwitchOn.mobi
GPSTracking.mobi mPad.mobi VideoBank.mobi
IWantFood.mobi NextGeneration.mobi WriteMe.mobi
mFlowers.mobi SexyPix.mobi Kello.mobi
Apostar.mobi ("To bet") MiBanco.mobi ("My bank")
Apuesta.mobi ("Bet") Orar.mobi ("Pray")
Bares.mobi ("Bars") Pasaporte.mobi ("Passport")
Besame.mobi ("Kiss me") Rezar.mobi ("Pray")
Buscador.mobi ("Search Engine") Ruleta.mobi ("Roulette")
Calle.mobi ("Street") Televisor.mobi ("Television")
Hablemos.mobi ("Let's talk") Vivo.mobi ("Alive")
IglesiaCatolica.mobi ("Catholic Church") Vuelos.mobi ("Flights")
Teve.mobi ("TV")
Loja.mobi ("Store")
Beijos.mobi ("Kisses")
MeuBanco.mobi ("My bank")
Amizades.mobi ("Friendships")
BYC.mobi OET.mobi PUE.mobi
BZW.mobi OFB.mobi PUO.mobi
DLI.mobi OFE.mobi QRS.mobi
DUT.mobi OFG.mobi RCF.mobi
ENB.mobi OFR.mobi RCG.mobi
FEB.mobi OGD.mobi RDD.mobi
FEG.mobi OGI.mobi RFO.mobi
FOZ.mobi OGT.mobi RLG.mobi
GEW.mobi OHG.mobi RLI.mobi
GIZ.mobi OIA.mobi RNL.mobi
GZR.mobi OIB.mobi RNP.mobi
HLA.mobi OIF.mobi RPE.mobi
JIZ.mobi OIS.mobi RPF.mobi
JUL.mobi OKT.mobi RSU.mobi
LEF.mobi OLR.mobi SAH.mobi
LHE.mobi OMP.mobi SEH.mobi
MFE.mobi ONP.mobi SIH.mobi
MXR.mobi ONR.mobi SNZ.mobi
NBE.mobi OPD.mobi SUT.mobi
NGI.mobi OPF.mobi TEZ.mobi
NIF.mobi OSR.mobi TYM.mobi
NPE.mobi OTH.mobi UPD.mobi
OBG.mobi PBG.mobi UUR.mobi
OBN.mobi PFN.mobi VEM.mobi
OCG.mobi PFR.mobi VEU.mobi
OCL.mobi PIV.mobi VIU.mobi
ODG.mobi PLF.mobi WIJ.mobi
ODL.mobi PLG.mobi ZAL.mobi
OEF.mobi PNF.mobi ZUN.mobi
OEH.mobi PNI.mobi
Other (owned by Family members)
FindShop.mobi ShopInfo.mobi Universia.mobi
WordReference.mobi WatchLiveTV.mobi Almacen.mobi
BossaNova.mobi Buda.mobi Conectate.mobi
Cumple.mobi DOB.mobi GameScore.mobi
Iglesia.mobi Llamame.mobi MLK.mobi
MusicaPop.mobi Outreach.mobi Scored.mobi
Nick Kello